Technology & Design

The Tile provides multiple cleaning options, providing total protection and safety for every situation.

Designed & engineered in the UK, manufactured in Norway.

Our Technology
UVC Air Cleansing

The UVC Air Cleansing mode is designed for constant use throughout the day.

offers various intensity settings, constantly cleaning and circulating air silently in the background with the use of solid state UVC LEDs & fans, allowing your space to be safe and people to operate in confidence.

Step 1

Ultra high speed

The multi-air intakes contain ultra high speed, silent fans, which draw air into The Tile.

Step 2

Ready for decontamination.

The air is passed through to the primary chamber, where it is pressurised & passed to the secondary chambers, ready for decontamination.

Step 3

Kill Viruses in less than 0.005s

Inside the secondary chambers, the air comes into contact with UVC at 275nm, which causes the DNA & RNA of viruses to break down, killing them in less than 0.005seconds.

Step 4

Circulation of air in the room

The pressurised air is exhausted from the unit at an optimised angle, encouraging the continued circulation of air in the room. The design ensures that there is no risk of UVC light leakage.

Step 5

Ensuring the space is safe

The air in the room continues to circulate through The TIle, ensuring that any airborne virus is killed, ensuring the space is safe for you, your employees and customers.

Our Technology
Hybrid Cleaning

The hybrid cleaning mode is unique to The Tile and is a simultaneous UVC cleanse alongside a deep cleaning mode.

We’ve developed this feature in response to scientific findings throughout the world, notably in Japan, where scientists have proven that low levels of ozone (<0.1ppm) are effective in killing airborne viruses. In this mode, a background level of ozone is actively managed and maintained by The Tile.

The background Ozone level is customisable and is kept at a level accepted by the relevant governing body, ensuring that any airborne particulates are killed instantly.

Step 1

Safer, better cleaning

The hybrid cleaning mode is activated and works in a similar way to the UVC Cleansing Mode above. In addition, a customisable background level of ozone is set by user, according to guidelines e.g. Public Health England advise that people can be exposed to 0.2ppm of background Ozone for up to 8 hours each day.

Step 2

The Tile - Freedom from viruses

The Tile actively monitors the level of ozone in the room and either:

Releases more ozone into the room when the concentration is below the desired level
Inhales ozone and converts it back into oxygen when the concentration is above the desired level

Once the ozone comes into contact with any virus in the air or on surfaces, the DNA & RNA of the virus is destroyed instantly.

Step 3

The perfect safety and cleaning mode for any scenario

A low level of background ozone, in conjunction with the simultaneous UVC Cleansing mode, kills all viruses in the air inside The Tile, in the air in the room and on any floor, surface or hard to reach area. Effectively, this is the perfect safety and cleaning mode for any scenario.

Our Technology
Deep Cleaning – Ozone

The deep cleaning function provides an effective method for cleaning floors, surfaces and hard to reach areas when spaces are vacant, with the use of Ozone gas. Ozone gas is a naturally occurring form of Oxygen, found in the upper levels of the atmosphere, and has the unique property of being incredibly effective at deactivating all forms of pathogens.

Because Ozone is a gas, it dissipates throughout a room, thus ensuring that even the most hard to reach areas are cleaned. After approximately 30 minutes, Ozone decomposes naturally back into Oxygen, leaving a clean smell. The Tile also uses UVC to act as a catalyst to convert the ozone back into healthy, purified oxygen.

Step 1

Clean, Purify & Disinfect with Ozone

During deep cleaning, ozone generators within the pressurized primary chamber release ozone & fans are turned to max power, flooding the room with ozone.

Step 2

kill any pathogens.

The room is filled with ozone until a concentration of 2ppm is met. Once this concentration is met, the Ozone breaks down the DNA & RNA of any virus present, thus ensuring the killing of any pathogens.

Step 3

Inhales the ozone

After the concentration of 2ppm is met, The Tile inhales the ozone in the room and turns it back into oxygen with the use of the UVC lights at 274nm, thus speeding up the break down of Ozone back into oxygen.

Step 4

Breath fresh-air again

The room is now deep cleaned, with clean floors, surfaces and hard to reach areas, and has a fresh-air smell thanks to the ozone. A higher level of healthy, purified oxygen is left in the clean and safe room.

The Tile constantly monitors for people entering the cleaning zone and if detected, will switch off immediately with warnings for the person to leave.

Science Independent testing

GK (Scandinavian Multinational)
University of Nottingham
Royal Hospital Derby
“The team are legendary"
“blindingly effective”