Sanitise your air and spaces

Prevent infection by using Safezone SZ60.

"We need a new infrastructure to keep people safe"

David Powell, lead engineer
When the pandemic hit, it quickly became clear that we need a new infrastructure to keep people safe, to help us go back to normal.
Almost 2 years on, we are still relying on vaccines to suppress symptoms, rather than treating the root cause of an airborne virus - unsafe air.
The Tile is a revolutionary product that sanitises air inside the product, in a room and all floors, surfaces and hard to reach areas.
The Tile is 100% UK designed and combines over 70 years of British Healthcare and engineering expertise.

Safezone Global has partnered with Hapro Electronics in Norway for manufacturing, an internationally recognised strategic partner.


NOK 29,500 Retail
NOK 585 per month (leasing 60 months, NOK 0 up front)
£2,500 Retail
$3,500 retail
Product Colors

The Tile is the only product globally to sanitise air inside the product, inside a room and all floors and surfaces. With four distinct cleaning modes, lighting and plug and play capabilities, The Tile is the best and most convenient solution to keep customers and employees safe.

We offer express worldwide delivery. Get in touch for more information.

• Four sanitising modes
• WiFi enabled
• Lighting colour match, so The Tile blends in to your space
• Industry leading UVC and Ozone cleaning modes
• Unique hybrid cleaning mode, which actively kills airborne pathogens in any space

Product Details

Women's black leather down jacket. 100% lamb skin. Product Code: #15748

Shipping & Returns

Free Shipping at home or at the address of your choice within 2-3 business days via UPS.

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