Sanitised air and surfaces in stadiums and arenas

Real-time protection for sports stadiums, concerts, conferences & exhibitions

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Did you know?

Stadiums and arenas are high risk for cross infection due to people densities at conferences, concerts and sporting events.



The number of known pathogens1 found in dental plaque, including bacteria from the respiratory tract, which can be released into the air during aerosol-generating procedures.



The concentration of nitrous oxide (N2O) in uncontrolled exposures in dental operators. System maintenance, ventilation, and work practices can effectively reduce concentrations to approximately 25 ppm



The amount of exposure to N2O per week4 that can lead to adverse health effects including liver and kidney disease, as well as decreased immune response and generalized neurological disorders.

The Benefits

Support high people density with real time protection
Increase capacity and revenues
Add an extra layer of service
Supports zone separation strategies
More energy efficient than extraction strategies
Brand differentiation – "This is a SafeZone"
Virus Killer

The Tile effectively sanitises the air and surfaces in stadiums and arenas to ensure we can continue attending the events we love.

  • Visitor reassurance

    Amidst a global pandemic, visitors are reassured in knowing that arenas and stadiums have invested in the latest technology to keep them safe. The Tile helps protect the health of everyone, to ensure we can continue attending the events we love.

  • Prevent the spread of germs

    Given the nature of events at arenas and stadiums, they are high risk for the spread of viruses, especially given the ever mutating nature of Covid19. The Tile sanitises the air and surfaces of arenas and stadiums in real time, providing real-time protection against all pathogens at all times.

  • Sanitised air, everywhere

    The Tile is the ultimate solution for preventing the spread of viruses in arenas and stadiums. The various cleaning modes provide versatility for every scenario, from deep cleaning changing rooms for sports teams and performers to constantly cleaning the air and surfaces at conferences and exhibitions.

Air Control

The only sanitising device in the world to clean air in the room, in the product and pathogens on surfaces. The different cleaning modes mean you're covered whether people are present or absent, and whether its night or day.

Plug and Play

Easily retrofit The Tile into a 600x600 ceiling grid or ceiling/ wall mount to replace a light or stand alone, so there’s no disruption to your space. Simple operation means out of the box indoor air safety, with no complex installation, setup or renovation required.


Ultra-high performance UV-C LEDs & ozone generators to ensure the highest level of sanitisation and component lifetimes of up to 70,000 hours / 8 years ensure you are constantly protected.
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Our Tile makes sanitising your air and surfaces simpler than ever.

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