Sanitised air and surfaces for Offices

Indoor air safety for offices & meeting rooms

Offices need The Tile
Returning to work safely
Indoor air safety
Cut cleaning costs
Prevent cross-contamination
Did you know?

Indoor air pollution is a significant risk to not only the health of employees, but also the health of the entire business. Instil confidence and reduce absenteeism with The Tile.



Of UK workers report contracting an infection from their workplace.



VOCs from electronic equipment such as computer in an office can be up to 120 times higher when in use, putting the health of office workers at risk.



From aged materials and furniture typically account for up to 30% of the total VOCs, which can exacerbate allergies and respiratory issues in office workers and contribute towards Sick Building Syndrome.

The Benefits

Confidently bring back staff
Reduce workspace cycle times
Increase people densities
Supports zone separation strategies
More energy efficient than extraction strategies
Brand differentiation – "This is a SafeZone"
Virus Killer

With businesses needing workers back, you must instil confidence in workers to ensure they are happy and productive.

  • Employee Reassurance

    Staff are reassured to know that their employers have invested in cutting edge technology to sanitise the air and surfaces within their workplace. The Tile helps protect the health of office workers, many of whom spend 40+ hours per week in the office.

  • Hygiene First

    While desks, common surfaces, and equipment are disinfected at intervals throughout the day, The Tile ensures that there is a constant sanitisation of the air and surfaces.

  • Prevent cross infection

    Office workers share the same space for many hours a day, putting themselves at risk of contracting illnesses from staff who might be ill or asymptomatic. Th Tile sanitises the air and surfaces in offices, providing real-time protection against airborne viruses and bacteria.

Air Control

The only sanitising device in the world to clean air in the room, in the product and pathogens on surfaces. The different cleaning modes mean you're covered whether people are present or absent, and whether its night or day.

Plug and Play

Easily retrofit The Tile into a 600x600 ceiling grid or ceiling/ wall mount to replace a light or stand alone, so there’s no disruption to your space. Simple operation means out of the box indoor air safety, with no complex installation, setup or renovation required.


Ultra-high performance UV-C LEDs & ozone generators to ensure the highest level of sanitisation and component lifetimes of up to 70,000 hours / 8 years ensure constant protection.
Frequently Ask Questions

The Tile makes sanitising your air and spaces simpler than ever.

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