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Frequently Ask Questions

Our Tile makes purifying your air simpler and more affordable than ever.


What is Ozone?
Is Ozone dangerous for humans?
How does The Tile convert Ozone into Oxygen?

Do I have to use Ozone?

UV Light

Is UV Light dangerous for humans?
Is the UV light exposed?
What type of UV light is used?
Do I have to use UV light?


What sort of lighting does The Tile have?
Are the lights energy effcient?
Can I change the lights?
How long do the lights last?

Details about The Tile

Where is The Tile manufactured?
Who developed The Tile?
How quickly can I get products?
How can I arrange a demo?

Occupational Questions

Is The Tile noisy?
Does The Tile cause drafts?
Can employees interfere with The Tile?
Who should control The Tile?

Service and maintenance

How often do I need a service?
Who does the servicing?
How long do components last?
Who do I contact if I have issues?


Who installs The Tile?
Do I need to undertake excervations?
Can I use my existing light circuits?
How long does installation take?


What are the dimensions and weight of The Tile?
What is the light output?
How do you regulate ozone levels?
How is The Tile's software updated?

Purchasing The Tile

How can I buy?
Do you have financing and leasing options available?
How quick is delivery?
What is the minimum order quantity?

Large installations

How many products do I need?
Can you customise the cleaning cycles for me?
When can you deliver?
What's the maximum number I can buy?