How does The Tile work?
UVC Air Cleansing
Hybrid Cleaning
Deep Cleaning – Ozone
Why chose The Tile?

The Tile is the only product in the world to sanitises air inside the product, the air in a room and all floors and surfaces.

Economic Savings

The Tile has four distinct cleaning modes, for ultimate versatility in cleaning depending on the situation. This means your air and surfaces are always sanitized, reducing cleaning costs — both materials and wages — by up to 78%.

Medical Grade Technology

The Tile cleans surfaces with 4 different modes, protecting against any scenario. The Tile’s is being used in medical settings across the UK & Scandinavia, on the front line against viruses and bacteria.

Unique Cleaning Functions

Independent worldwide leaders, the University of Nottingham & The Royal Hospital Derby have extensively tested & approve of The Tile.


The world's first air and surface sanitiser is now available for your business.

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